Working From Home: Part 3 – Learning and Self-Development from Home

We have previously covered how to work from home (even when your kids are home)! Now let’s look at working on your learning and development from home. Many people are not natural students and the added component of completing training at home may make it seem that much more unattractive. This article will go into WHY you should take training from home and HOW we are committed to making it easier for you. 

It’s easy to lose motivation during these tough times. As we have touched on in our earlier posts, there are many changes happening right now. Juggling working from home with your other responsibilities is a big task on its own. We understand that it’s easy to move learning and development to the bottom of your list (right under your latest Netflix binge).

However, now is a great time to boost your learning and development!  Three key reasons are: 

  • It’s good for your mental health 
  • It improves your marketability 
  • It allows you to be productive in the changing workplace

Reasons to Learn From Home  

Social distancing can be hard on many of us emotionally. The stress of these uncertain times and coping with significant changes takes its toll on our mental state. Learning is one way to mitigate those negative effects.  Learning has been proven to build confidence, foster a sense of purpose and make you better able to cope with stress. 

Let’s also be realistic. This pandemic is going to have wide-reaching effects on the economy and it is prudent to look at how marketable you are if you find yourself in the market for a new job.   

Remote work, while a necessity now, may be a permanent fixture in the business landscape. Knowing programs such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams will help you keep up with the evolving workplace – making you that much more valuable to your employer. 

How We Can Help  

We want to assist you in developing strategies to successfully accomplish and work through some new challenges that you may be facing during this global crisis. 

Many companies appreciate the value of training their employees. This doesn’t have to stop just because you’re working from home. We at JN Software and CompuEase have been offering virtual training for years now, and it’s proven to be hugely beneficial. Both our public training and our private training are offered online at no additional cost so you can learn from the comfort of your home computer.  

Currently, we have a number of courses that are perfect for the remote worker. Our Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams courses will have you working effectively and productively from home in no time! We have also partnered with Priority Management to offer their Working Sm@rt courses, specially designed for working from home during COVID-19.   

We want to make sure that your training is successful! In order to ensure that you are comfortable and ready to learn without any technical issues, we will conduct a test run with our virtual training software. This includes showing you how you can use the chat window in our virtual training program, which is key if you are working from home with others and you need to train without distraction.

We are offering shorter training sessions! During this time, when it isn’t ‘business as usual’, we have designed private training courses that can be customized to cover the topics that matter to you the most and allow you to maximize the time you spend training. This way, you can get back to other tasks at hand, such as completing work tasks, homeschooling and childcare.

Learn for Free  

JN Software and CompuEase have developed a number of free training resources that can be taken advantage of at any time. 

These include:  

  • Our free webinars: One advantage to keeping close to us at JN Software and CompuEase is our free webinars. We are making these available to you at no charge, so you can enjoy learning some of the basics with the full flexibility of watching whenever you want to, and without having to use the company’s bandwidth.  
  • Our YouTube channel: Our YouTube channel features our previous webinars, tips and tricks and more! 
  • Our blog: Our blog has great tips, including our “Work from Home” series, and great information on all of our training options and courses. 
  • Our social media: Keep up with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn where we announce new courses and show tips and tricks. (You may even win prizes during our contests and giveaways!)  

Learning is an important part of your success in the workplace and it does not have to slow down because of COVID-19.  

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you need any more tips to work more efficiently at home, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter to see what training and free tools we offer and for regular updates and announcements. We have been training people across the country virtually for years and we are fully equipped to assist you as well!

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Stay tuned for our next installment specifically for managers and workplace leaders. We will talk about how to best support your remote team while everyone is working from home!  

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