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At Great Canadian Training we recognize that training is not always the best solution for your needs. If your team lacks time and/or the skill set to complete the task, look to us to complement your talents. Whether your project is large or small Great Canadian Training has the experienced skilled consultants necessary to complete the job on budget, on time and in style.


The skill and experience of our consultants means your project gets completed quickly. From planning and design to development and deployment we'll guide you smoothly through the process.


Our consultants do work like this for a living. The time they've invested into their skills means you get a professional result.


Hiring a new employee with advanced skills can be expensive. With Great Canadian Training you'll pay only for the time our consultants spend working hard for you.

Our Process

Each project Great Canadian Training undertakes is overseen by our Senior Project Manager. With experience in both software consulting and business they are perfectly suited to guide you through each step of the process and provide valuable insight into how best to achieve your goals.
Step 1:
Identify Your Needs
Our Senior Project Manager will work with you to determine what your needs are and how best we can meet them. Online meeting and screen sharing technology allows you and your team to share information about your project regardless of your location anywhere in the world.
Step 2:
Develop a Plan
We'll identify the consultants who will work the best for you. A detailed project plan, estimate and timeline will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on how you want to proceed.
Step 3:
Complete Your Project
As our consultants work on your project our Senior Project Manager will be your direct point of contact, keeping you up to date on our progress and managing any inquires from the consultants for required information.
Step 4:
Completion and Support
After your project is complete you will be able to review and make minor adjustments where needed to your project in accordance to your development plan. You know it must be just right! Adjustments are minor as you will be involved in reviewing and testing throughout the process and we will make needed realignments to the project as required.
Are you wondering what consulting can do for your business? Hear from our co-founders themselves, Jon & Joy Neuhold, in this free webinar about when you should engage a consultant and how to be sure you're getting the right one for your project.

Our Projects

Here are a few details about some of the projects we have completed for clients that are in use today.
Document Rebrand/Redesign for Childcare Organization

Software: Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite

Request: Designed and rebranded documents including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, postcards, brochures, program cards, manuals and graphics.

Result: We provided a new look for the client to go with their new website.

Benefits to Organization: They gave Great Canadian Training the outcome they wanted and Great Canadian Training worked within those guidelines. This made their job easier and the project was done quickly and cost effectively. It is like they hired an expert on staff with many different skills to fulfill their needs.

Employee Yearbook for Pipeline Manufacturing Company

Software: Microsoft Word

Request: Client wanted to surprise employees celebrating work anniversaries with a company yearbook.

Result: The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company worked with client to choose a program they wanted to work in. Great Canadian Training designed the yearbook to the client's specification and edited photos.

Benefits to Organization: Employees were delighted and surprised at the company party with a professionally designed yearbook.

Custom Software Instructions for Tubing Manufacturer

Software: Microsoft Office

Request: Part of their software was custom made. They wanted The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company to write step-by-step written instructions with print screens for that section of the software.

Result: The consultant worked with the company to understand the software and what they wanted instructions on. They were delivered a step-by-step manual with detailed instructions for the user.

Benefits to Organization: The company received the expertise they needed to understand the software and used the instructions to create an online learning module.

Automated Form for Consulting Firm

Software: Microsoft Office

Request: Take the client's document and create it as a fillable form. Put it in a format that is user friendly and compatible for whatever their setup was.

Result: A simple user-friendly interface that even those without computer expertise could fill out.

Benefits to Organization: An opportunity for growth and to handle more clients.

Financial Package for Stone Import/Export Company

Software: Microsoft Excel

Request: Find a faster way to track all their accounting entries.

Result: An easy to use automated Excel workbook.

Benefits to Organization: Everything is tracked properly and automation made the process faster.

Software Analysis for Childcare Software Provider

Software: Client's Custom Software

Request: Improve the client's software in the Ontario marketplace and test/analyze their software package. Make recommendations to fix, improve and compare it against competitor's software.

Result: Software testing, analysis and market research of clients and competitors resulted in a detailed report outlining potential fixes, enhancements and market opportunities.

Benefits to Organization: The client could make clear and informed decisions for the future of their software.

Our Skills

If we provide training for it, we can consult on it! Here are just a few examples of projects we can help you with.

Microsoft Products

  • Fully develop databases
  • Help your team complete their partially developed databases
  • Fix or enhance a database whose original designer has left your organization
  • Use Access to import and crunch data from external sources
  • Build macros and use VBA to automate processes
  • Develop powerful Excel workbooks from scratch
  • Help your team select the appropriate formulats and functions to achieve your goals
  • Automate tasks via macros
  • Fix and enhance older workbooks
  • Create templates
  • Build dashboards and reports
  • Manage large data sets
  • Help you create your presentation from scratch
  • Build templates for future use
  • Turn your presentation into a video or PDF
  • Convey your message in a format the audience will easily understand
  • Engage your audience by creating a unified, visually impactful, unfussy, clean and enlightening presentation
  • Consistant brand identity for your organization
  • Devise a project plan and work with you on fine tuning the plan to meet optimum objectives
  • Work with your team to determine the best way of using MS Project to implement and monitor the project
  • Help create Master and Sub-projects for larger projects
  • Assist in determining and managing cost objectives
  • Assist in working on already-developed projects that have become unwieldy
  • Help in sharing Project information with Excel and Outlook
  • Fully understand the potential of SharePoint in your environment
  • Assistance can be provided to expand SharePoint functionality without compromising security
  • Integrate SharePoint features with Outlook, Excel and Access
  • Learn how to work with backend databases to create view only or fully functional connections
  • Understand and create custom SharePoint environments for each department, location or project
  • Work with workflows to both automate document management processes and create standardization
  • Assist with updating and rebuilding existing Visio flowcharts/organization charts
  • Help build standardized templates for all drawings
  • Help integrate data from other sources into your Visio drawings
  • Develop visually rich diagrams using Data Graphics
  • Develop macros to automate shapes and diagram creation
  • Automate tasks with macros
  • Create documents such as brochures, letterhead, flyers and reports
  • Set up:
    • Headers and Footers
    • List of Figures (auto generated)
    • List of Tables (auto generated)
    • Lock or restrict file access
    • Section breaks
    • Styles (clean up and create)
    • Table of Contents (auto generated)
    • Templates (create and modify)
    • Data Entry Forms either as a hard copy or electronically

Adobe Products

  • Replace paper binders with searchable PDF-based document collections
  • Develop custom forms and collect/manage form data
  • Automate processes in PDF documents to speed PDF production
  • Help organize content and set up indexed searching for PDF repositories
  • Learn Acrobat's preflight tools to create print-ready PDF files
  • Assist with learning strategies for updating current website content
  • Update older websites to work with more efficient CSS styles
  • Help with developing website design and structure for a new website
  • Build and manage web forms for data collection
  • Integrate JavaScript into Dreamweaver
  • Learn to finalize artwork for optimal print
  • Standardize artwork with Styles
  • Develop corporate artwork for screen and web use
  • Assist with developing Actions to automate artwork production
  • Automate Illustrator with scripts
  • InDesign editing with Story Editor and using the InCopy companion program
  • Help with developing corporate design standards for text, objects and colours
  • Strategies for preparing artwork for print production
  • Effectively use the Preflight tools to produce quality print-ready artwork
  • Prepare and save InDesign documents for ebook, screen and web
  • Automate InDesign with scripts
  • Work with Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom for editing and managing pictures
  • Assist with developing colour management strategies
  • Finalize images for print, screen and web
  • Automate Photoshop with Actions and Droplets
  • Automate Photoshop with scripts

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