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Online Public Software Training Taught by A Live Instructor

Software training i s beneficial for many reasons. Technology is always changing, and it’s essential that you keep up-to-date and competitive. Training classes have also been shown to greatly improve personal development and job satisfaction. It provides time dedicated to learning and focus on specific topics. Learning on the job may cause you to stumble around, spend time inefficiently and in the end, never really grasp the complete concept. So what are some of the benefits of online public training taught by a live instructor over traditional local onsite training?

Cost-effective. Using our screen sharing technology allows us to offer online public training at great rates!
Convenient. Screen sharing technology allows our trainers to deliver training right over the phone and Internet to your employees located in different or remote areas of the country.
Choices. We offer a wide selection of dates and lots of programs to choose from.
30 Days of After Training Support. When you take computer training we offer 30 days of unlimited support on the course you took.
Guaranteed-to-Run Classes. You don’t have to worry about being the first to register. We guarantee our classes will run.
Learning Guarantee. If you’ve received public training with JN Software and taken advantage of your 30 days of after-training support but still find yourself unable to effectively apply what you were taught, you are welcome to take your class again for free any time within the year following your course.
A trainer in a classroom allows for a focused training environment with the ability to increase retention and remain fully engaged as a learner. Our JN Software virtual training classes are also with a live trainer and have the same beneficial interaction. The students can still ask questions and they can view the trainer’s screen to make sure the training sticks. It’s a great way to receive invaluable software training in a completely comfortable environment.
Online public training allows students to take training anywhere and then go straight back to work and put into practice the skills they’ve learned. No lost time, no travelling; just a rich and effective learning experience.

Contact us today for more free information about the courses and options for our Online Public Training.
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