What’s the Ideal Size for a Professional Skills Group Training Session?

One of the big considerations when planning for Professional Skills training classes is to answer the question, “What is the ideal classroom size?”

For software training, the classes are more beneficial when kept small (ideally around 6, or up to a maximum of 10 or 12). But for Professional Skills training, that number can be a little larger.

While our software training provides the technical expertise to interact with a computer, JN Software’s Professional Skills Training programs teach your team the soft skills they need to interact with each other. Therefore, a larger group can serve to provide more interaction and more practice of the skills being learned in class.

Professional, or “Soft” Skills, are the social and communication skills that allow people to work together effectively; the character traits and attitudes that make them the best they can be; the leadership and decision-making skills that enhance your whole organization.

In our Professional Skills classes, you will, among other things, participate in group exercises. This allows everyone to benefit from others’ viewpoints and put what they learn into practice. Having a slightly larger group means more input from peers and more opportunities to build team relationships while learning the skills in class.

A slightly larger group also tends to mean a safer-feeling environment for Professionals Skills group exercises; quite different from the effect a large class has on software training, where some can feel either too far ahead of or behind the rest of the class.

We would recommend ideally around 15 students per class for our Professional Skills training, but no more than 20. We are happy to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Speak to one of our Training Coordinators at (416) 264-6247 or info@greatcanadiantraining.ca about your professional skills training needs, and your desired training outcome; and we can help you plan the training session for you and your team.
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