Modify Your Styles the Easy Way in Word

Do you use Microsoft Styles, but don’t like the blue colour? A quick and easy way of handling this is:

In the styles area, right click on the style you want to change and select MODIFY.

Make your adjustments to the style.

In the bottom area of your dialog box, select if you want the changes ONLY in this document, or on all documents based upon this template.

Click OK.

Checking Your Document for Styles

Taking Style Mapping to the next level

Have you used your styles consistently throughout your document? Here’s a trick that will let you ‘see’ where your styles have been applied.

Select File > Info > Options. When the Options dialog box opens, select the Advanced options from the left frame. Scroll until you can see the Display options.

Set the Style area to 3 or 4 cm and click OK.

Return to the document and choose to view the document in Outlining or Draft view. Your styles will appear on the left side.


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