Benefit From Outlook’s Weather Bar

If you work in the type of office where you can’t install your own favourite productivity software due to strict IT policies, then it’s likely that Microsoft Office is already installed on your system. Microsoft Office is packed with features that can help you stay on top of things and get the job done.

Here is a useful tip:

Outlook’s Weather Bar

When you navigate to the Calendar sections of Outlook 2016 you’ll notice a small strip above the calendar view with a weather bar. This Weather Bar gives you a two-day weather forecast that can help with planning travel arrangements and events.

It’s a handy way to keep track of the weather in your area or some other location. (Perhaps you’re planning a little trip to a sunny destination down south in the near future… for a business meeting of course!).

Just click on the arrow beside the location to search for a place you’d like to keep an eye on.  Click on Add Location and then enter your search terms. The Weather Bar can save up to five different locations for you, and you can switch between those locations by selecting from the drop down menu.

If you prefer your temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit, you can make that choice through the calendar options.

Go to FILE > OPTIONS > CALENDAR and scroll down to the bottom to pick whichever is your preference.

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