COVID-19 Working from Home Resources

Here at CompuEase & The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company, we want to help you thrive and be productive, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have compiled this list of free and paid resources that you can take advantage of to upgrade your skills and be able to work effectively.  Please note that all of our offerings are being offered virtually.  We have used this technology for years and guarantee the same high level of engaging and informative training that you have come to expect from us.


Microsoft Teams Training

Many workplaces are using Microsoft Teams as a way to stay connected and collaborate.  We are happy to offer training and a free webinar on the topic.

Training for those in Ottawa & Quebec:

Training for those in the rest of Canada:

Free Webinar – The Quick Start Guide to Collaboration With Microsoft Teams:

Free Webinar – Launch Your Team into Collaboration Overdrive With Microsoft Teams: 

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Microsoft 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that ensures you always have the most up-to-date modern productivity tools from the Office suite. New features or functions are added progressively with the monthly subscription purchase.

You can install Microsoft 365 on your PC and it also includes web-based access to the traditional Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. You have the ability to access them from your PC, phone, tablet or other mobile devices. Additionally, you get access to a wide range of other web-based apps and services like Teams, Yammer, Stream, Sway and more.

Check out our Microsoft 365 Essentials course – a one-day program that covers everything you need to get up and running with Microsoft 365.

Training for those in Ottawa & Quebec:

Training for those in the rest of Canada:

Free Webinar: 

Working Smart from Home

Our world is changing. Success in a remote working environment requires individuals to use a shared set of communication, collaboration and planning processes and tools that are far more refined and defined than in a non-virtual workspace.

Training for all across Canada:

How to use Loom to create videos:

working from home

Working from Home Blog Series

Part 1: The New Normal  – This article discusses when and where to work from home, as well as how to keep your work and personal lives separate.

Part 2: Working From Home with Kids – This article is for all the working parents on how to balance working and parenting. 

Part 3: Learning and Self-Development from Home – We believe that learning should never stop!  This article discusses how you can effectively continue to learn and grow, even if you are doing so remotely. 

Part 4: Managers, How Can You Support Your Staff While They Work Remotely? – Are you leading a team that is now working remotely? Find out what you can do to make sure your employees and teams continue to work smoothly, efficiently, and happily from home.

Part 5: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy (and Sane) While at Home: Are you struggling to stay active from home? Find out how you can add healthy choices throughout your day. 

Part 6: COVID-19 Isn’t the Only Virus You Need to be Concerned About While You Work from Home: Working from home exposes you to some security risks.  Find out how you can stay safe working online and minimize risks to your system. 

Part 3: Learning and Self-Development from Home : Working from home can create challenges when trying to maintain a work-life balance.  We have shared some practical tips to cope!

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Upcoming Webinars

We host free webinars each month on various software – our upcoming sessions on OneDrive and Microsoft Teams would be of particular interest to the professional now working from home. Our previous webinars can be viewed here.

January 12, 2021: Microsoft Project – Going Beyond Excel

February 17, 2021: The Quick Start Guide to Visio – Understanding How to Create Diagrams, The Easy Way

March 11, 2021: OneNote Can Do That? Be Better At Taking Meeting Notes with OneNote

Upcoming Webinars:

All of our webinars are recorded.  You can find the replays here.  

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