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In the modern business world where the need for training is high and budgets are tight, it is increasingly important to fully understand the services companies are able to provide and the added value they may bring.

In this article, we outline exactly why you may want to consider us as your number one training resource!

We offer training on a wide range of content and delivery of that content along with extra benefits and top-notch support before and after class. 

What types of training and services do we offer?

  • Software Training
  • Professional Soft Skills Training
  • Consulting 
  • Custom Databases

Although we have many years of experience delivering excellent quality software training, we also offer other types of training and services that may prove to be beneficial to you and your team! 

Professional soft skills training is becoming increasingly more requested as these programs provide the social and communication skills needed for business professionals to work together more effectively and be the best they can be! These classes can assist you both in your business and personal life. 

In addition to software and soft skills training, we offer consulting and database services to complement your skill sets and complete your tasks on time and on budget!  

Public Training Online

Do you live in Canada and have access to the Internet? Then we’ve got you covered! We provide public online software training anywhere in the country. From A-Z across the land (that would be Abbey, Saskatchewan to Zurich, Ontario), and even including numbered places like 100 Mile House in BC, we can reach out to you with our public online training classes. Benefit from learning in an online course with a live instructor, wherever you may be.

Public Training Onsite in Ottawa

CompuEase has a modern, comfortable, fully equipped training lab in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. If you’re based in Ottawa or the National Capital Region, then this could be the ideal training solution for you! Learn with others in our bright, spacious, and conveniently located training centre.

Private Training anywhere in Canada

Would you rather not join a public class? Or do you have several team members that all need training together? We can easily accommodate your wishes. We can offer either private training onsite at your location or private training online – ANYWHERE across Canada! We also offer private training onsite at our training lab in downtown Ottawa.

We can provide personalized one-on-one training or training in a small group. One-on-one training allows you to have a live instructor by your side every step of the way, while group training offers the opportunity to be part of a shared experience as you learn and interact with others.

We offer a large variety of courses

Microsoft Office products, Adobe products, extensive options for professional soft skills, or other software courses are all available with us. CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE OUR COURSES. We have a wide range of topics, levels, and versions. Excel 2010? We’ve got you covered. PowerPoint 365? That too!

What are the benefits of training with us?

Our public classes run often, they are guaranteed to run, and you’re guaranteed to learn. 

Our private training allows for extraordinary flexibility to match your specific needs.

All our training is done with a live instructor. This means you can ask questions and interact with a live facilitator whether you’re training online, onsite, one-on-one, or in a group. This is by far the best way to learn. Training with a live person means you’ll understand and feel involved in the class and able to keep up with the material that’s being covered.

Our software training comes with after-training support.

We have fast, high quality customer service. 

We use highly skilled, experienced and professional trainers that really care. Our trainers will ensure that the training sessions are energizing and motivating as they share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you in class.  

Yes, train with us and train with ease.

Interested in training with us? Take a look at the courses we offer and register for public classes on our website! Click here to take a look!
Want to find out more about our training? Call Great Canadian Training at 416-264-6247, 613-235-6161 or 1-833-209-2624, or email us. We’re always happy to answer your questions!
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