Tips on Working with Microsoft’s Ribbon

Below are three ways to use Microsoft’s Ribbon:

1. Ribbons keyboard shortcut

To navigate the ribbon with the keyboard (instead of the mouse), press the ALT key on the keyboard.  Numbers and/or letters will appear next to the ribbon tabs allowing you to navigate the ribbon.

Microsoft Ribbon Tip1

2. Let’s hide my ribbon

To collapse or minimize the ribbon, click on the arrow at the right of the ribbon.  To display the ribbon, click on the arrow again.

Microsoft Ribbon Tip2


3. What a nice customizeable ribbon you have!

Your Ribbon can be customized by Clicking the File tab, then Options.

Cick on Customize Ribbon.

To hide tabs that you do not need, click the checkbox to the left of the specific tab.

You can change the order of the tabs by using the up and down arrows.

Make your own customizeable, new tab, by clicking New Tab.

Microsoft Ribbon Tip3

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