Our Past. Our Present. Our Future. Together.

Our Past

We started as a small single-person company in Toronto back in 2002. A small company in a big city with a big heart. Joy Neuhold, fresh out of business school, had a dream: use her consulting and software skills, her love for software, and her love for people, to help others develop confidence in using the tools that were becoming more and more important to the modern workplace.

Very often, “techie” people are most definitely not “people” people. Joy was different, and she wanted to help others develop their technical skills while also respecting and encouraging the interpersonal talents they already have.

Because of our high regard for people and for their confidence in using the training they receive, we’ve always made sure to offer a customized service and that all-important personal touch.

Her husband, Jon, soon joined her in helping carry out the training in his field of specialty: Excel and Access. His areas of expertise also include database management, so we started to provide database and consulting services together. Our clients have included individuals, companies both large and small, and government agencies of all sizes.

Our Present

Over the years, we’ve grown to add around Joy an entire team of trainers, consultants and administrative staff all devoted to the same goals. We’ve also added extra software courses to our curriculum. We began with Microsoft Office, but now we include Adobe courses, Programming, SharePoint, Power BI, and much more. In more recent times we’ve moved beyond offering only software skills training. Now we also teach professional skills. These courses help cultivate those interpersonal “people” skills that are so important. They help people work together better, they help teams function properly as a friendly and cooperative unit, and they help managers deal with the challenges of keeping everything running smoothly. Joy’s dream has developed beautifully.

  • Microsoft Office
  • Programming
  • Adobe products
  • SharePoint
  • Power BI
  • Professional Skills of many varieties
  • And more…

In recent years we’ve expanded beyond the Greater Toronto Area, offering sessions onsite or virtually across Canada, as well as at our training lab in Ottawa through our sister company, CompuEase, which we acquired in 2013.

  • GTA
  • National Capital Region
  • Nationwide online and onsite sessions

Our future.

Our core values and ideals haven’t changed at all; our new name better reflects what we’ve become.

Joy’s philosophy has always been to be the best we can, without ever having any kind of negative impact on our clients or our competitors. That continues. So does our desire to help your organization build on the talents of the people within it. You already have great people working for you. We’ll continue to work together with you to develop your skills and confidence even further.

JN Software’s new name: The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company


Any organization is only as good as the people that contribute to it. That applies to your organization and to ours. Where we hope to help your staff become better at their software skills, workplace practices, and their feeling of self-worth and development, we also hope for the same ourselves. We want to do it together.

We are looking forward to what’s yet to come and to working together with you.

You may have been with us in the past and the present; well, we look forward to continuing to serve you, to work with you, to help you, in the future too.

Joy, Jon, and all the great support staff and facilitators now working along with them all welcome you to the future as part of The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company family.

Behind the New Name

Great Canadian Giveaway

As a VERY SPECIAL “WELCOME ABOARD” our new company name, we’re offering a free draw for a great prize. Free training!

Enter within the next three days to be eligible for our free training prize. The free session can be your choice of one-day public training sessions!

The deadline is 12:00pm EST on April 8, 2021.

Prizes will be awarded on April 9, 2021.

For more information about our personalized services, customized software courses, professional skills training, or consulting and database services, please contact us.

You can still reach us at our same long-time phone numbers. While our former email addresses will continue to reach us, we’ve transitioned to new @greatcanadiantraining.ca email addresses so you’ll start seeing those in your inbox too.

Be assured that the excellent training and advice and the personal, customizable care you receive from us will continue exactly as it always has. The care remains the same; only the name has changed.

And don’t forget to register for that great free draw!

We look forward to continuing to work along with you, together, in the future.

In the Ottawa or Quebec area, call or email 613-235-6161 or training@compuease.ca. In the Toronto area or anywhere else in Canada, call or email 416-264-6247 or info@greatcanadiantraining.ca.
Please explore our new website, www.greatcanadiantraining.ca, to see how we can help you achieve your goals with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of care. There you’ll find our new contact information in addition to our existing numbers and addresses.

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