The Benefits of Customizing your Courseware with JN Software


We all work differently, and sometimes the courseware that is perfect for someone else just doesn’t seem to work so well for us.
We here at JN Software are big proponents of all types of training and aim to be as flexible as possible in providing just what’s needed for everybody to benefit.



Consider just some of the ways you can tailor or customize your course:

Share details about your training needs so we can tailor your class

Discuss your needs with one of our training coordinators


Select the objectives you would like to focus on

Select objectives from any of our courses to create a custom outline

Submit files you would like to learn how to use during the class

Order custom manuals

Here are some of our Courseware Materials you can choose from:

PDF. Take the manual anywhere and save the environment with an electronic copy of your training manual for use on any of your computers or devices

Printed Manual. Purchase a printed paper manual for use during your class and for future reference

Quick Reference Cards. Add reference cards to your session and receive durable, full-color reference cards with helpful hints and tips for use after your course is completed

Standard Manuals. Your manual will follow a standard course outline, but your class can still be tailored to focus on the subjects most important to you

Custom Manual. Purchase the customization option and receive a custom manual with objectives you’ve selected from our different courses

Video Library. Sign up to our video library subscription and review an extensive selection of training videos to refresh your memory

Customizing your courseware is just one way you can tailor your software training to suit just what you need.

Click here for more information on customizing your training and choosing just the right courseware for you.

Contact us at 416-264-6247 or for help customizing your training session.

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