Fast Track Your Development with Our Updated Professional Skills Courses – Part Two

In part one, we looked at how professional skills training is so valuable for you and your team’s professional development. You also learned more about three of our updated professional skills classes.

Missed part one? Read it here.

In this part, we will take a closer look at three different professional skills courses that have been revised for our new ‘normal’. The course outlines have been updated to include more practical, hands-on experience that will help you develop your professional skills.


Understanding and Developing Effective Communication Strategy Skills

Our communication training has been revised with a new name and updated content. Through hands-on practice you’ll cover:



  • Understanding the impact your communication skills have on other people.
  • Enhancing your ability to handle difficult situations.
  • Learning how to challenge your self-talk.
  • Finding out more about what your body language and facial expressions say about you.

View the full outline or register here.


Take the Stress Out with Great Time Management

An interactive course that’s been updated with a new name and content. You’ll be expected to have in mind your time management concerns and challenges to work through in this session.


Led by an expert instructor, you’ll gain the knowledge to:



  • Increase your effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Understand how being busy isn’t the same as being effective.
  • Alleviate the stress and finally achieve that work-life balance you’ve been striving for.

Explore the full course outline or sign up here.


Business Writing That Works

Same name as before, but with updated content. Pick up the tools to become a better writer. Poor writing costs time, money, and frustration. Good writing takes work but with this class, and with practice, you can feel much more confident about your writing.


By the end of this training you’ll be able to:



  • Learn the real value of good communication.
  • Learn the importance of proofreading; it’s time well spent.
  • Understand the dos and don’ts of writing email.
  • Explore the four Cs of writing: clear, concise, complete, and correct.

Browse the course outline or sign up here. Change the way you work and save time on your daily tasks by taking our professional skills training. With hands-on activities and real time coaching with our senior trainers, you’ll be equipped to handle any challenges you face in your role or as a team.

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