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Importing Tasks from Excel

You can import tasks from Excel, rather than re-create entire task lists. You will need to use the Import Wizard.

Open the MS Project file you would like to import the data into, or create a blank file.

File -> Open -> Files of type -> Excel workbook – Locate the file and click on it. Click on Open, and the Import Wizard will start.

Click Next.

If you have previously created a map you can use the existing map.  If this is a new import select New Map.

Click Next.

Select if the import will be bringing the data in a new file, appending to the existing open file or merging the data with existing data.

If you select “As a New Project”, a new file will be opened using default option settings and a default blank project file.

If you select “Append the data to the active project”, the imported data will be placed at the end of the current open file.

If you select “Merge the data into the active project”, a merge key must be contained in the MS Project file, in the imported Excel data and in the import map.  The merge key is one field and must be specified at the time the import map is created.

Click Next.

Select data types:

Select if the data will be directed toward Task, Resources and/or Assignment data; one, two or all three may be selected.

Select if the imported file has column headers.

If there are column headers in the Excel file, this information will be used to match field names from the import file to field names in the MS Project file. The header row will not be considered valid content data and will not be imported.

If the imported data does not contain headers, column positioning will be matched with the fields on the import map.

Click Next.

Select the source worksheet – default is None or Sheet1 (or another available name).

If the sheet is recognized (i.e.: correct sheet name format – no spaces, no special characters), the data fields will appear with preview at the bottom of the view for the mapped fields.

The left side of the view will have the fields in the imported Excel file.  Select field values on the right side of the view to map the Excel values to the MS Project fields on the right.

Click Next to save the new map OR click Finish to start the import.

If you selected Next, click on Save Map and you will be asked to assign the new map a name.

Click Save to save the map.

Click Finish to start the import.

After the Import is completed, all tasks will be imported at Outline level 1.

Data might have been imported to columns that are not being shown on the currently viewed table.  Insert imported columns into any table to view the imported data.

Watch for error messages that occur during the import.  They might be indicating scheduling issues with some of the imported tasks, which might need attention.

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